2023 - Denver, Colorado, USA - The University of Colorado Skaggs School of Pharmacy

Blazing New Trails

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  • Base camp - teaching and learning essentials
  • Elevation - gaining ground through training
  • Summit - transfer of learning through practice
  • Carabineers, clips & cairns - tools of the climb

Keynotes: Kirstie Galbraith, Tina Brock, Simon Tweddell, and Ruth E. Nemire.

2021- Dublin, Ireland - virtual event
Irish Institute of Pharmacy

The Journey of Learning

  • Planning the Route - the stages of our learning journey
  • Provisions and Companions - things that help us in our journey
  • Destinations – where are we going?

Keynotes: Mary Collins, Zubin Austin, Miréad Nic Giolla Mhichil, and Alison Strath.

2018 - Brisbane, Australia
Australian Pharmacy Council

Shaping Tomorrow's Practitioners Today

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  • Working with others: How do we learn to practise together?
  • Preparing for the 21st century: future skills, social accountability, innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Turning the Tables: Focusing on educator development and the scholarship of Teaching and Learning
  • Hot Topics in Life Long Learning

Keynotes: Zubin Austin, Catriona Bradley, Gabrielle Brand, Gloria Dall’Alba, Debra Rowett

Preconference Workshops: Zubin Austin, Catriona Bradley, Gabrielle Brand, Kari Franson, Ralph Altiere, Karen Whitfield

2016 - Split, Croatia
Pharma Expert

Sailing New Waters
Expand Your Horizons

  • Teaching Skills for New Roles for Pharmacists
  • New Concepts and tools in pharmacy education and training
  • Commitment to the Quality of Pharmacy Education

Keynotes: Tom Zlatic, Kirstie Galbraith, Ashok Soni

2014 - Orlando, USA

The Magic of Discovery: What Lies Ahead

  • From College to Career
  • Expanding Roles for Pharmacists
  • Outcomes of CPD. Who should care?

Keynotes: Julie Johnson, Lisa Nisson, Andy Friedman, Zubin Austin


2011 - Rotorua, New Zealand

Learning together in the Land of the Long White Cloud – emerging from the mist

  • Learning together
  • Emerging roles in pharmacy
  • Supporting the profession to emerge and evolve

Keynotes: John Shaw, Patricia Black, Amanda Torr, Michael Greco, Zubin Austin


2009 - Helsinki, Finland

A Global Learning Journey

  • The Roadmap for Success – Delivery Models and Outcomes
  • Program Planning – Needs Assessment
  • Program Delivery – Active Learning

Keynotes: Zubin Austin, Christine Boughey, Paivi Tynjaia


2007 - Hatfield, England

Climate Changes in Learning

  • Innovation and Practice
  • Blended learning – telling, sharing, and learning from each other
  • Advancing Methods and Technologies

Keynotes: Thomas Zlatic, Michael Eraut, Mark Alexander, Jon Alltree, Louise Mallet, Stephen Chapman, Karen Walker, Keith Ridge, Zubin Austin


2005 - Saskatoon, Canada

Practice, Academia and Industry - Building Bridges through Continuous Professional Development

  • How Does Life Long Learning Occur?
  • How Can Technology Enable Life Long Learning?
  • How Can Collaboration Foster Life Long Learning?

Keynotes: Mike Rouse, Ian Bates, Terri Schindel, Abilio Neto


2002 - Grahamstown, South Africa

The Road Less Travelled - A Shift in CPD From the Educator to the Learner

  • A Shift in CPD...
  • From the educator...
  • To the learner.

Keynotes: Shirley Walters, Mike Rouse, Ina Rothmann, Abillo Neto, Chrissie Boughey, Zubin Austin, Dale Wright, Nadine Butler, Tanya Maurer


2000 - Templepatrick, Northern Ireland 

The Route to Continuing Professional Development

  • What is CPD?
  • How to Undertake CPD
  • How to Assess CPD

Keynotes: Janet Grant, William Thompson, Anthony Marini, Peter Vlasses, Bruce Berger


1998 - Hillerod, Denmark

Enhanced Outcomes Through Improved Program Design and Delivery

  • Program Design, Meeting the Needs of the Learner
  • Educational Delivery Technology
  • Ensuring Quality in Life Long Learning
  • Internationalization and Co-operation

Keynotes: Lars-Ove Dahlgren, Gunner Handal, Elliott Sogol, Terry Mayes, Norten Dahl, Diane Mynden, Chere Gibson, Henri Manasse


1994 - Madison, Wisconsin USA 

Critical Issues in the Delivery of Continuing Professional Education

  • Maintaining Professional Competence
  • Educational Design and Delivery Systems

Keynotes: Alan Knox, William Blockstein, Michael Molenda, Kenneth Kirk, Nils-Olaf Strandqvist


1990 Denmark - Hillerod